Supranite NGR
Supranite NGR

Supranite NGR

Made of high purity expanded graphite foils and ultra thin stainless steels laminated sheets in a multi-layer structure capable of withstanding high stresses.
  • The specific multilayer adhesive free structure of SUPRANITE ® NGR gives it higher performances than other classical types of graphite based reinforced sheet.
  • SUPRANITE ® NGR has outstanding mechanical properties and remains stable when overstressed at both cold and hot temperature.
  • SUPRANITE ® NGR combines a good level of compressibility associated with a high elastic recovery.
  • SUPRANITE ® NGR is easy to handle and cut, and preserves its integrity under high stresses during tightening process.

Minimum Service Temperature (*)


Maximum Service Temperature (*)

800°C in inert atmosphere and 550°C in oxidizing medium

Maximum Pressure (*)

250 Bar

(*) Temperatures and pressure not associated. Please consult with our engineering design department for high pressures and/or temperatures.

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