Supranite PG XS
Supranite PG XS

Supranite PG XS

A restructured highly compressible modified PTFE gasket composed with only extra pure PTFE. The specific progressive structure of this quality allows high conformable faces, while ensuring maximum creep resistance. PMUC n°17-0345.
  • The progressive structure of SUPRANITE ® PG XS allows an enhanced compressibility (50%) while providing low creep deformation and a very good recovery.
  • Sealing properties are improved by using SUPRANITE ® PG XS on damaged or non parallel flanges, compared to other PTFE based material.
  • SUPRANITE ® PG XS delivers a better seal and better recovery than expanded PTFE gaskets.
  • Easy to cut, SUPRANITE ® PG XS is a useful alternative to PTFE-jacketed gaskets.
  • PMUC qualified (Products and Materials Usable in Power Stations) by EDF n°17-0345.

Minimum Service Temperature (*)


Maximum Service Temperature (*)


Maximum Pressure (*)

85 Bar

pH (**)

0 to 14

(*) Temperatures and pressure not associated. Please consult with our engineering design department for high pressures and/or temperatures.

(**) Except molten alkaline metals, fluor, fluorine gas or related products (contact us).

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